Fair Usage Policy

Our Fair Usage Policy is designed in such a way that we continue to provide the best internet experience to all our customers.

Why a Fair Usage Policy?

While the packages have been designed to give unlimited broadband experience to the subscribers, few customers may use excessive amount of the data transfer, causing traffic congestion on the network. In order not to impair the experience of other users, a Fair Usage Policy is applied. This helps to give the desired Internet usage experience to all users, especially since broadband is a shared bandwidth experience and the over-usage of a group of customers must not affect the rest of the users.

What happens in Fair Usage Policy?

Each package has been defined with a significantly large and extremely generous data transfer level, so that most typical users will never cross these levels of data consumption. In a situation, where a user has utilized and consumed the Fair Usage Data Limit in a particular month, the speed of this user will be reduced to the Speed-Breaker speed for the remainder of the month. The Speed Breaker Speed for different packages has been designed to ensure a good usage and download experience at reasonable speeds for the remainder of the month.

Unlimited Data Plans Charges in INR
Plans Speed Old FUP Limit New FUP Limit Speed Post FUP Monthly Half Yearly Yearly 2 Years
B-Max 410 1 Mbps 20 GB 30 GB 512 Kbps 410.00 2365.00 4500.00 NA
B-Max 615 4 Mbps 25 GB 35 GB 786 Kbps 615.00 3380.00 6140.00 11050.00
B-Max 999 15 Mbps 50 GB 60 GB 2 Mbps 999.00 5495.00 9990.00 17982.00
Hypersonic 2499 50 Mbps 100 GB 100 GB 6 Mbps 2499.00 13745.00 24990.00 44982.00
Hypersonic 2799 50 Mbps 200 GB 200 GB 6 Mbps 2799.00 15395.00 27990.00 50382.00

*Taxes applicable. Price plans are subject to change

NOTE - At the beginning of the next calendar month, the speed will be automatically reset and increased back to the speeds as per Subscribed Package. Please see the details of your package or contact our 24x7 Customer Support Center on 011-71-123123.